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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Normal Life

So we are nearing the end of our month of attempt at making this pregnancy as routine and enjoyable as possible. I cannot believe we only have 2 weeks left. This month has been nice as we have tried to make everything as “normal” as possible.

Nei.l has finished Trist.an’s quilt, with much thanks to Melissa, our sister in law, for the loaning of her amazing sewing talents. It’s very sweet and I am excited to see Trist.an warm and cozied up in it. McK.enna picked out her gift; a soft little blue puppy, since Ad.ele and she both have puppies that are special to them. My aunt Lila and uncle Kelly sent us a beautiful receiving blanket, crocheted and with his name embroidered on it. And we went to the state fair with one very specific purpose in mind; there is an oriental man that comes and does the Korean picture-letter signs. Ad.ele and McK.enna both have one of their names and we really wanted Trist.an to have his own. But my favorite thing we have done, was maternity pictures.

I have to put a great big thank you out there to a caring stranger named Kristy. She bumped into this blog and offered her time to take some maternity photos. I have always found this type of photography (of other pregnant women) beautiful, but never had the desire concentrate a photo shoot around my overly swollen belly, with my first 2 pregnancies. After reading “Waiting with Gabriel”, I felt a whole new way about it. I felt like if I were to do this for Trist.an, the pictures would be more of him than of me; one more of the limited tangible proofs I could collect that would remind us that Tris.tan was with us.

So we went to Murray Park and did several shots of the girls and of Nei.l with “Trist.an” (aka my huge tummy!) It was so fun and the girls did a great job of it. Then it was time for the one picture I had thought of and personally requested. Before I even knew if doing maternity photos would be an option, I thought I really wanted to get a picture with all the girl’s hands, and maybe Nei.l’s too, on “Tris.tan”. I knew there was no way we were going to be able to get that shot- not with Ad.ele anyway! So then I thought, what if we painted our hands and left hand prints all over? Kristy loved the idea. So there we were in Murray park, painting the girl’s hands in bright primary colors and laying them on my bared stomach. It was very odd to be that exposed but I think these pictures will be my favorite! Then Nei.l had room for one of his huge hands so that covered the whole right side of me! Kristy then painted Trist.an’s name across the top and I was a work of art! I am so excited to see those!

Anyway- again- thank you to Kristy (and her husband) for the time she took for that. It was such a great and fun experience where I think we all felt our worries about Trist.an melt away for a time and we were just able to enjoy him.

Speaking of thank you’s, I have to keep saying, Nei.l and I are so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, service, concern, kind words, thoughts and prayers for our family. I am amazed at how responsive everyone has been to our needs at this time. I hope I have expressed to each kind act or word, my deepest gratitude. I am afraid that, in my preoccupation with all of the sorrow and sadness of coming events, I have not expressed enough gratitude or joy in the wonderful joys and comforts that people have offered.

It seems so inadequate, but sincerely, Thank you all!

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  1. Hi Arae,
    Thanks for sharing your blog. With all this heart stuff I love finding connections with people. I've seen your belly photo before. Kristy is my aunt. She has taken many photos of my family. She is so talented. Small world. :)